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Our prices are based on how many weeks there are in a school term, which may include a break for half term. Your child will recieve one half hour lesson a week and we ask you to arrive a few minutes before your lesson to get changed.Our lessons run on a Friday evening between 3.45pm- 7.45pm.

As from March 1st 2019 we will be offering lessons at Handcross park school from 8am-12pm.

Fridays Prices

10 WEEK TERM £100.00

11 WEEK TERM £110.00

12 WEEK TERM £120.00

13 WEEK TERM £130.00

Saturdays Prices

10 WEEK TERM £125.00

11 WEEK TERM £137.50

12 WEEK TERM £150.00

Download an application form here

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When new pupils are introduced to swimming lessons, they can feel anxious. At 4Sswimschool one of our fully qualified ASA swimming teachers is in the water with the children, from Beginner to Stage 3 or 4. This provides the children with confidence, security and safety. Children are open to learning when they are relaxed and having fun.


Our class sizes are small, with a maximum of 6 pupils in each class. This ensures your child receives the individual attention they require to put them at ease and assists with their aquatic progression.


We are an ASA Swim School and follow the New ASA National Teaching Plan for Swimming (NPTS). Our pupils are assessed every term and placed in classes to match their individual aquatic ability.


The NPTS is an all-inclusive programme which takes the non-swimmer from his or her first splash in the pool to developing confidence and competence in the water. Following the NPTS programme will result in the development of a wide range of skills, which result in a competent, confident, strong and safe swimmer.

Full details of the National Plan for Teaching Swimming can be found by visiting the ASA website.




Once a child has gained their Stage 4 or 5 certificate, and dependent on their core body strength, they should progress from deep water into lane swimming.


They will already have good swimming strokes on front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke.


At this stage it is important that any minor faults in their strokes are corrected straight away. This will stop any bad habits forming which may follow through to higher stages.


The swimmers are now introduced to swimming drills in all four strokes. The drills are designed to tweak areas of the swimmer's strokes that may require adjustment.


There are numerous drills, too many to mention, but repeating these drills will assist and hopefully cure any minor faults in their strokes.


The use of special training equipment, for example pull buoys, training fins, finger paddles and floats, are used during these lessons to help swimmers concentrate on one particular aspect of the stroke.


“Butterfly” is introduced, although the swimmer will already have been introduced to the basic “fly” techniques in the lower stages, simulating a dolphin, mermaid or wiggly worm in the water.


Butterfly needs a lot of upper body strength and an undulating body to perform the stroke efficiently. We introduce the use flippers as this helps the swimmer move through the water without too much effort.


Although butterfly is a very hard stroke to perform, our swimmers at 4Sswimschool love a challenge and are always excited when the flippers come on poolside.




Sometimes it can be beneficial for your child to have a course of private swimming lessons, especially if they are fearful of the water. These lessons can be arranged. If you are interested in further information and prices, or would like to book your child into these special private sessions, please contact Jackie here.



During the Easter and Summer holidays we are pleased to offer intensive swimming courses for your child/children. This is an ideal opportunity for non-swimmers to recive a boost befor they start their term-time swimming lessons or for children already swimming to concentrate on a particular area/technique.

Children are invited along for half an hour lesson each day for a week. We have a maximum of 4 pupils in each class which allows for more individual tuition. We achieve great results on these courses as pupils receive the equivalent of half a term's swimming lessons in a week. The cost for a weeks course is currently £55 and spaces are limited.

Download an application form.

4sswimschool easter crash course
Summer Crash Course
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Okay so swimming lessons at 830 everyday this week may have been a struggle... but so worth it she’s loved it and got so much better!! Cannot recommend the 4sswimschool enough... especially the crash courses!! 


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Another success story from our recent Easter Crash Course

This little smiler has been beaming all week thank you Linda and Millie for helping Charlie with his swimming. I am so proud of him.


Just before the summer holidays we run the ASA’s Get Safe 4 Summer campaign. Each year, approximately 450 people drown in the UK.

Drowning is the third most common cause of accidental death for children in the UK. The majority of these children are young boys.

At 4sswimschool we incorporate water safety into our lessons throughout the year. During the Get Safe 4 Summer Campaign we show the children how important it is to be safe and sensible around water. They are taught how to perform rescues safely, without getting themselves into danger. We use all sorts of different articles to perform the rescues, encouraging the children to participate and use their imaginations. Once they have watched a few rescues, they all have the opportunity to join in and rescue each other.

Our pupils always have a lot of fun participating in the Get Safe 4 Summer Campaign whilst learning a very serious safety lesson which will hopefully be remembered. Our pupils parents learn a lot from these sessions too.

Each child receives a certificate for participating. Find out more about the campaign here

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We will help any of our pupils who are members of the Scouting movement to work towards their Swimming and Life Guard badges. We will incorporate the necessary criteria into the lessons which are challenging and lots of fun. The children get a great sense of achievement when they are awarded a swim badge in front of their Pack. Please let your teacher know what badge you are working towards.

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