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Skill and experience second to none

Zac Macaulay has been photographing babies and children underwater for over 10 years all over London and the South of England. He is one of a very few full-time underwater photographers and has been shooting major ads and wildlife assignments all over the world for nearly 25 years. Zac and his wife Fliss set up Little Dolphin Images as a family business to provide underwater photography, shooting babies and children for swim schools.



Zac has won three international awards including the prestigious Palme d'Or at the Antibes Underwater Film and Photography Festival. He was a finalist twice recently in the AOP (Association of Photographer) awards for creative and advertising photography.


How your swim-and-shoot works

Everything is designed to be as similar as possible to your usual lesson. Roz who will be your child handler on Zac’s team acts as teacher, and you have a maximum of four other babies or children in the water during your 30 minute session. This gives your baby or child a break between dips and allows your baby or child to feel relaxed while maintaining interest and enthusiasm.


You are welcomed into the water by Roz who is trained in dipping for photo shoots. Your shoot starts with a light warm up, including a short dip underwater, and throughout we make sure your child is as relaxed and happy as possible. Zac chats with you and shows you shots in progress throughout your session, working closely with you to get the shots you really want.


Zac shoots all the sessions personally and normally expects to shoot each baby or child at least 3-5 times underwater in your session, and during each dip take between 2-4 shots. This gives you approximately six to twenty shots during your 30 minute session. Zac also provides some lovely costumes and flowing materials, should you wish to dress up your baby or child during the latter part of your session. Or you can opt for simple baby or child 'on own' shots if you wish. We also offer a shot where you can join your child underwater too, plus a range of push and glide shots, which we can talk you through on the day. Zac uses the very latest, state-of-the-art cameras, lighting and other equipment to ensure the best quality image is captured each time.


Does your baby or child qualify?

Your child should be water confident or have attended some formal swimming lessons with 4S swim school. This is needed to build up the skills, strength and stamina needed to get best results from the photo shoot. If you have a baby, please wear aquanappies (which can be under a swimming costume).




After your shoot

Three working days after the photo shoot you simply login to Zac’s secure website with your unique username and password (given to you when you arrive), where you can view all the images of your session on at proof stage. You then have the opportunity to buy a CD of up to 10 images of your child. If you are not 100% happy with the results you have one more chance to book into another photo shoot at no charge. After you have purchased your gallery of images on CD, you can also use the Little Dolphin Images affordable exhibition-quality printing service if you choose.


Order within 28 days

We encourage you to order your CD within 28 days from the proofs going live, as we have to archive the images after that time. After the 28 days it will take between 2-3 weeks to dispatch your CD after your order is received.




How much does it cost?

You pay just £40 per child to attend the shoot. If you’re 100% happy with the images of your child, you then pay the balance of £99 to receive your disc of 10 digital images on a CD.


You will notice the site says £149 for the CD, this however is our London price and you will be given a discount when logging on to automatically reduce the cost of the CD down to £99 when you checkout.



If you have a sibling, you simply pay £ 40 per child to attend the shoot. If you are 100% happy with the images of your children, you pay £ 99 to receive a disc of 14 images on DVD.


Technical Stuff


We provide you with Tiffs ( big uncompressed images at about 40 -50 MB at 300 dpi and a handy 4 MB jpeg at 300 dpi for printing your 10x8 prints ).


Zac shoots on the Nikon flagship D800 camera in a Seacam housing.


For full prices and other information please see the Little Dolphin Images website and especially the FAQ page


A final word from Zac:

“We hope you will appreciate this chance to create some unforgettable memories at this very special moment in your child’s life. We look forward to meeting you and your baby soon.”